Walmart Slogan (Its Meaning, Company’s History, Mission, & Vision)

Retailers like Walmart have a slogan because they want to convey a message about the values of their business. A slogan can be used as an advertising tool, but it also serves as a marketing strategy. The slogan is one element of branding and helps consumers identify with the company’s mission and identity.

Let’s get to know what Walmart’s slogan is and its meaning along with the brand’s great history, mission, and vision statement.

Walmart Slogan in 2021

The current slogan of Walmart is “Save Money. Live Better”. It was introduced in 2007 and has been used ever since as a tagline for the company’s advertising campaigns and internal communication efforts. The goal of this value statement is to inform customers about what can be purchased at Walmart stores, as well as what can be done at home to save money and live better.

This is the slogan of Walmart in 2021 and I would like to let you know that the retailer changed its slogan 2 times in the past. Keep on reading to learn how the current logo and slogan came into being.

What is the meaning of Walmart’s slogan?

Save money. Live better is the slogan of Walmart, which means that it wants its customers to live a life full of joy and satisfaction by saving their hard-earned cash on shopping at Walmart stores.

It also emphasizes the fact that it offers incredible value for consumers who are looking for discount prices instead of expensive products.

Walmart is trying to say that it is the place to buy things at a good price and that it wants to help them live a better life. The simple sentence “Save Money, Live Better” is easy to remember, so the retailer might have chosen this slogan because of its memorability or its simplicity.

The slogan also reflects Walmart’s mission statement: “helping people worldwide save money and live better – anytime and anywhere – in retail stores and through e-commerce”.

The meaning of the slogan may also be interpreted as “save money by buying stuff at Walmart and live better because you won’t need to spend too much cash on shopping”.

The company needs to work hard if it wants to maintain its position in the global market. It has many competitors including Target, Kmart, and Kohls.

The meaning of Walmart’s Slogan is very simple. It asks the customers to buy its products at a discount price instead of expensive items sold by other retailers in order to improve their living standards.

Walmart’s First Slogan

The first slogan of Walmart was “Always the low price. Always”. The company used this slogan up to 1994 until when the National Advertising Review Board challenged it in court.

This came after the National Advertising Review Board concluded that Walmart was misleading the public with its slogan.

And then, Walmart changed its slogan to “Always low prices. Always”. This is the first time Walmart changed its slogan in its 71 years of history.

There’s no mention of the year in which Walmart adopted its first slogan. I think it’s 1962 as it was the year when Walmart introduced its first logo to the public.

When did Walmart change its slogan?

The last time Walmart changed its slogan was in 2007. This is the year in which the current slogan “Save Money. Live Better” was adopted by the retailer.

To be exact, the slogan was changed on September 12, 2007, i.e 13 years from the first change in 1994.

  1. First Slogan of Walmart: Always the low price. Always (used between 1962 and 1994)
  2. Second Slogan of Walmart: Always low prices. Always (Used between 1994 and 2007)
  3. Third Slogan of Walmart: Save Money. Live Better (Used between 2007 to present)

What is the current logo of Walmart?

The current logo of Walmart is a blue and yellow brand badge, which was introduced in 2008. The new emblem reflects the values of the company and its slogan: “Save Money. Live Better.”

It has been used ever since as a part of the company’s marketing campaigns and internal communications efforts to convey the message of the retailer to customers. Walmart’s current logo features yellow rays representing sunlight.

This might be interpreted as the company is trying to tell us that when you shop at Walmart, your life will become brighter.

The primary color of the logo is blue, which represents trust and loyalty. The rays of the sun in the logo are yellow, which can be associated with happiness, optimism, and warmth.

Together, these colors are supposed to convey the message that Walmart is a place where shoppers can get everything they need.

What is the mission of Walmart?

Walmart’s mission statement 2021 is “helping people worldwide save money and live better – anytime and anywhere – in retail stores and through e-commerce”.

So, the main goal of Walmart is to help customers save money and live better.

What is Walmart’s Vision?

Walmart’s vision statement 2021 reads: “to make every day easier for busy families” which means that the company wants to make things easier for its customers.

Conclusion: Walmart’s Slogan, Mission, and Vision

Walmart’s slogan, mission, and vision statements are all related. The company wants to help customers save money, live better, and make things easier for them through its products and services. Walmart is a multinational retailer with a simple slogan that means the same thing in all 24 countries it serves: “Save Money. Live Better”, which is also used in the company’s mission statement. Over time, Walmart has changed its slogan to reflect what it believes in at that particular moment.

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