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Can you scan Walmart receipts? (How-to, App, Scan & Go, and more)

Walmart no longer allows customers to scan their receipts when they want to get a refund on the difference in price from other stores. Previously, people could use the Savings Capture app or Walmart Pay to scan their receipts when they do a price match at Walmart. However, this facility is no longer available as of 2021. So, you cannot scan Walmart receipts! But, if you are a Walmart Plus member, you can use the app to generate the receipt.

Can you scan receipts using the Walmart app?

Walmart used to have an app with which customers could scan the receipts of their purchases, and get rewards for any item that cost less in other stores.

Walmart’s price-matching policy was changed years ago. Still, you can use the Scan and Go feature of the Walmart+ membership to scan any item while you are shopping, and then pay at the self-checkout counter.

You can use this “Scan & Go” function if you have subscribed to the Walmart+ membership program that costs you $12.95 per month or $98/year. This way, you don’t have to interact with any Walmart employee.

How to use the Scan & Go feature on the Walmart App?

  1. Go to a nearby Walmart store
  2. Open the Walmart App
  3. Tap on the Scan & Go option
  4. Scan the barcodes on the items
  5. A sub-total of all items will be generated
  6. Walk to the self-checkout counter
  7. Now, scan the QR Code on the counter
  8. Choose a payment method and pay
  9. The receipt will be generated

How do I upload a receipt to Walmart App?

Until 2018, Walmart made it possible for customers to upload their receipts on the app by paying through Walmart Pay. This allowed them to get instant refunds of any prices that were lower than advertised by competitors.

Currently, Walmart has replaced the app with Walmart Pay and thus, you can create an eReceipt using a scanner at checkout.

To upload a receipt to Walmart app-

  1. First of all, you need to go to Walmart’s self checkout area and open the Walmart Pay app on your phone
  2. Then select a payment method (credit card, debit card, or gift card)
  3. Now, scan the QR code shown on the self checkout machine using your Walmart Pay scanner
  4. An eReceipt will be generated for you
  5. Tap on the Submit Receipt option on the Walmart Pay app
  6. The receipt will be uploaded to the app

As soon as you upload a receipt, Walmart will start comparing the prices and issue an eGift card in case it finds lower prices for the items at some other retail store.

Does Walmart scan receipts when leaving the store?

If your shopping bag beeps at Walmart’s checkout sensors, then the store might need you to scan and show them your receipt. However, having a beeping bag does not mean that you have stolen any items from Walmart.

And you are not legally obliged to scan your receipt. But, if Walmart’s staff requests you to do so, then it would be best for you to cooperate with them.

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