Choosing Grout Color For Tiles: Things To Consider

It is recommended to use neutral-colored grouts that blend easily with the tiles. However, the bright or contrasting color of grout can also be used if you have patterned tiles or intricate designs on your walls and floors.

You can choose different types of colored tiles for flooring and bathroom walls in order to match the grout color. You can even use contrasting grout for flooring and walls to give your bathroom a stunning look.

Match the tile design with the kind of maintenance required by the grouts, and choose a practical one that goes well in any area you are planning to install it.

What to consider while selecting the Grout color for tiles?

Things to consider include-

Color of the interior

The grout color should not clash with the overall interior décor. It is best to choose a grout that compliments the other home furnishings and appliances in the room.

For example, if you use marble tiles for flooring and have antique furniture pieces in your house, you can go for a gray tone of grout.

The grout color should be in harmony with the interior designs and décor. For example, if you have a modern kitchen design, you can use a contrasting tone of grout for flooring tiles.

Dark-colored tiles will look better when paired with light-colored grouts. The other way around also works well.

Neutral Grout Color

Neutral grout color is a good choice for those who have not made up their mind about the tile design. It is also best for those who wish to change their designs within a few months or years.

Neutral colored grouts are easy to match with tiles and other home furnishings in the room.

Bright and Contrasting Grout Color

Use a bright color for grout if you are setting the tiles in a contemporary design. Bright colors work well with dark-colored bricks, concrete, or marble floors.

For example, using black colored tiles on grey flooring will give an extraordinary look to your home.

A contrasting grout color works well in rooms that have an intricate tile design. For example, if you have a white-colored patterned backsplash above the stove, use a black or grey-colored grout for tiles to contrast with the backsplash.

This will give your kitchen an elegant look.

Grout Color for patterned tiles

Patterned tiles look best when they are used with a matching grout. If you have patterned tiles, choose the same color of grout for both design elements to give your bathroom or kitchen an organized look.

For example, if you have a white-colored tile border around the shower area and grey-colored tiles for flooring, use a gray-colored grout to match both elements.

Grout Color with different colored tiles

If you want contrasting colors on your bathroom or kitchen floors and walls, choose contrasting grouts.

For example, if you have dark-colored wall tiles in the restroom area and have light-colored tiles for flooring, it is best to choose a contrasting grout color.

Type of tiles

The type of tiles used in the bathroom or kitchen should be matched with the grout color. A bright-colored grout suits glass, stone, and ceramic tiles.

However, a neutral-colored grout is best for porcelain tile floors as it hides dirt well. Granite tiles look good when paired with gray-colored grout.


It is important to consider how frequently the tiles will be cleaned and whether the grout requires special care.

Before choosing a certain color, ask your home improvement expert about these aspects of maintenance requirements to avoid any inconvenience later on.

If you have children at home, you must consider that frequent cleaning of grouts and tiles is a daily task.


The cost of building materials and other home furnishings varies with the quality, type, and location. The color of your choice also depends on these factors.

It is best to evaluate your budget before choosing a grout color. You can also ask your home improvement expert about the range of prices for different grout colors.


It is important to consider how practical a certain color will be in a room.

For example, you shouldn’t use bright-colored grouts on dark-colored tiles in the kitchen or bathroom.

  1. Bright-colored grouts will be highly visible when they get wet, and this can easily attract bacteria and mold growth
  2. Neutral grout colors are easy to clean, especially if you have children at home who drop food regularly on the flooring.


What is Grout?

Grout is a substance that fills in the spaces between tiles or any other two items. The grout keeps the surfaces from separating and provides support for them. Grout comes in different colors, depending on its use. For example, bathroom tile grouts are usually white to match existing fixtures; kitchen tile grout is usually a light shade of gray to match the countertops or cabinets.

Which color is best for patterned tiles?

The prevailing color in most patterns is white. However, this does not mean that you are limited to using only white tiles for a patterned design. If the tiles come in different colors and shades, then choosing one of these instead will allow you to create more elaborate designs. Most people who choose colored grout use light grout for their patterned tiles. The reason is that the small size of the colored tiles may turn out to be too overpowering if used with dark grout.

Can grout be the same color as the tile?

If you are choosing a patterned tile for your bathroom or kitchen countertop, then it is recommended that you use the same color grout. This will make the items look more cohesive and complete. It will also allow you to mix and match different colors of tiles if there are already several pieces in existence in your home. If you are choosing a patterned tile that is going to be used as flooring, then it is best to use grout of the same color which will bring out its flair and details.

Should I use dark grout with light tile?

If you want an elaborate tile pattern, then dark grout would be perfect. Dark grout will bring out the intricate details of the image in your tile and make it look more pronounced. Some people use black or charcoal-colored tiles with white grout to create a dramatic effect on their walls. The main reason why they do this is that it makes the space look larger and more open.

What color grout is easiest to keep clean?

The color of grout that is easiest to keep clean is white. White grout will not absorb dirt and stains as much as darker shades would. Some people use yellow or gray-colored tile with white grout because it blends in with the tiles and makes them appear cleaner for a longer period of time.

Is lighter or darker grout better?

When choosing the color of the grout, it is best to go with light grout. Light-colored grout will blend in better with the tiles and provide contrast against darker colors. Darker grouts are useful when you want highlights or shadows on your tile design to stand out.

What color grout hides imperfections?

White grout is the best for hiding imperfections in tiles. It will cover up small cracks and holes on your tiles and make them look better overall. Most people use white grout when they want to accent their tile design, especially if it has a lot of intricate details.

Is Grey grout better than white?

Grey grout is a great neutral color when you don’t want to have too much contrast between your tile and grout. It blends in very well with tiles of different designs and shades, making it good for rooms that are already decorated with different colors.

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