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How do you clock in at Walmart? (Things to know)

Walmart is very efficient at managing its operations. For example, Walmart employee clock-in system makes it easy for the management to keep track of employee shifts and hours worked by employees on a daily basis. However, most new employees want to know how they can clock in at Walmart stores?

How to clock in at Walmart?

Walmart associates are required to use the Electronic Time Clock or the Me@Walmart app to clock in at work. The traditional way of clocking in involves swiping the associates’ badge on the Electronic Time Clock, while employees can also choose to clock in through the app that uses geolocation technology and allows them to clock in when they arrive at the store.

However, if employees need to change their schedule, they can plan and manage it from two weeks beforehand with the help of the app.

This is how Walmart will automatically record and track your working hours and attendance, making it easy for management to prepare your payroll.

How do you see what time I clocked in at Walmart?

When you press the “Menu” button after swiping your badge to get into work, many other options will be shown. One of them is called “Hours worked” when you push that it shows the number of hours that have been logged in so far this week and a total figure for the entire week.

What do you do after you clock in at Walmart?

At Walmart, you have to start working right after you clock in. You are expected to complete your daily duties and responsibilities within the eight-hour shift mandated by the store’s scheduling policy.

In between these shifts, you will be allowed one hour break at least. However, if you need more time to rest, you can extend your lunch break till the next shift without any issues.

Do you get in trouble for clocking in early at Walmart?

No, you’ll not get into any trouble for clocking in early at Walmart. However, clocking out early will turn into trouble for you. The management might consider summoning you if you are always late to the workplace.

If you arrive ten minutes late at Walmart, it is counted as a point, and if you leave the store ten minutes early, it also counts as a point.

If your arrival or departure time is between 10–2 hours late/early then half a point will be added to your record. Anytime more than 2 hours later than your scheduled time, you will be marked as an absence and a full point would be added to your record leading to termination.

What happens if you clock in late at Walmart?

Clocking in late at Walmart will attract you a half-point if you are late by 10 minutes or more. In case if you are late by over 2 hours, Walmart will impose a full point. So, clearly, you are getting into trouble here.

The same applies to clocking out as well. You may not clock out early by more than 10 minutes in order to avoid earning the half point.

Hence, always clocking in and out at the right time is highly important for you as a Walmart employee.

Conclusion: How does Walmart clock in work?

Clocking in at Walmart is as simple as swiping your employee badge on the Me@Walmart app or Electronic Time Clock at the store.

Walmart uses an electronic time clock to track the number of hours its employees have worked. This electronic time clock is available in stores and allows employees to record their activities on a daily basis.

Employees are required to punch in before they start working, note any breaks taken during work, and once they leave work for the day.

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