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10 Gas Stations That Have Money Orders (Fees, Limits, Payment Methods, & more)

Can you get money orders from gas stations?

Yes, you can get money orders from gas stations. However, not all gas stations offer money orders, so be sure to check ahead of time. The fee for a money order typically ranges from $0.50 to $5, depending on the amount and the store.

Which is the best gas station for buying money orders?

The best gas station for buying money orders depends on the amount you need. If you need a money order for $500 or less, Circle K, Kwik Trip, Minit Mart, and Turkey Hill all offer a flat fee of $1. QuikTrip offers money orders for up to $950, making it the best option for larger amounts.

10 Gas Stations That Do Money Orders

List of gas stations that sell money orders-

  • Kwiktrip
  • QuikTrip
  • Turkey Hill
  • Circle K
  • Royal Farms
  • Valero
  • Minit Mart
  • RaceTrac
  • Speedway
  • 7-11

So, if you are in need of a money order, you can visit one of these gas stations to buy one. Now, let’s take a look at the limit on the dollar amount, fees these gas stations charge per money order, and also the accepted payment methods.

How to find/locate a gas station with money orders near you?

Steps to locate a nearby gas station with money orders-

  1. Open the web browser on your phone
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the Find a store option
  4. Enter your area zip code
  5. Use the Gas filter
  6. All nearby 7-11 gas stations will appear
  7. Select one to find out all the details
  8. Use the directions to visit that station
  9. Ask the cashier for a money order

This is how you can easily find a 7-11 gas station nearby that does money orders. In the same way, you can make use of gas station locators of other brands like Circle K, KwikTrip, Valero, etc to drive to the nearest place.

Does Circle K Do Money Orders?

Yes. You can buy money orders at Circle K gas stations. However, remember that Circle K doesn’t cash money orders. Here’s the dollar limit, accepted payment methods, the type of money orders sold, and the fees charged by Circle K –

  • Money Order Limit: $500
  • Money Order Type: MoneyGram
  • Payment Method: Cash
  • Fee: $1

Circle K charges a flat fee of $1 per money order and you should carry a government-issued ID card like a driver’s license in order to buy money orders at Circle K.

How to fill out a Circle K money order?

Circle K issues MoneyGram money orders. After buying one, follow these steps –

  1. Write the recepient’s name in the “Pay to the order of” section
  2. Now, sign the money order in the purchaser, signer for drawer section
  3. Then, write your complete address in the address section
  4. Detach the receipt from the money order

That’s it! This is how you fill out a Circle K money order which is basically a MoneyGram money order. After filling in the required information, you can send it to the person whom you want to pay.

Does 7-eleven Do Money Orders?

Yes. 711 sells money orders but doesn’t cash them. At 7-eleven stores, you can find both MoneyGram and WesternUnion money orders. However, their availability varies with location and store.

  • Money Order Limit: $500
  • Money Order Type: Both WesternUnion & MoneyGram
  • Payment Method: Cash only
  • Fee: 1% to 3%

At 7-eleven, there is a money order limit of $500 and the minimum fee charged is $0.65. Some 7-11 stores may charge 1% of the money order dollar amount while some may charge 3% and this totally depends on the location and the amount you request.

For example, when you request a $100 money order at a 7-11, you might get asked to pay a fee of $1 or $3. If that’s a $500 money order, you will end up paying at least $5 and a maximum of $15.

The best thing about buying money orders at 7-eleven is – you are not required to show an ID. This is not the case with most other gas stations and convenience stores out there.

Does RaceTrac Sell Money Orders?

Yes. RaceTrac gas stations do money orders but none of them cash money orders. In order to find out a RaceTrac location near you, use this store finder tool.

  • Money Order Limit: $500
  • Money Order Type: MoneyGram
  • Payment Method: Cash
  • Fee: $1.49

The fee charged at RaceTrac is per money order and doesn’t depend on the dollar amount requested. The maximum amount you can request is $500 and should pay a flat fee of $1.49 per money order.

At RaceTrac, there is a maximum limit of $2,500 per person per day on money orders. For example, you can purchase 5 $500 money orders at RaceTrac in a day.

Does Shell do money orders?

No. Shell gas stations don’t sell money orders. So, of course, Shell doesn’t cash money orders either. It’s best to look for a gas station near you that does money orders using the steps I mentioned above.

I would recommend going to a 7-11 gas station near you for money orders as there are a lot of 7-eleven stores out there and also 7-eleven doesn’t want you to show an ID.

If you are looking for a cheap place to buy money orders, then Circle K is the best choice you have!

Does Exxon do money orders?

Unfortunately No. Exxon doesn’t sell or cash money orders. So, it’s waste of time finding an Exxon gas station near you to buy a money order.

Instead of searching for an Exxon, find a Circle K or 7-11 or Kwiktrip or Quiktrip gas station nearby if you want to purchase a money order.

Even Mobil doesn’t do money orders!

Does Chevron do money orders?

No. Chevron doesn’t sell money orders. So, you won’t be able to cash them either. The best and cheapest place for buying a money order is Circle K which you can visit by using this locator.

While using this store finder, remember to make use of the filter option and select the gas option to check all nearby Circle K gas stations which sell money orders.

What gas stations don’t sell or cash money orders?

These gas stations don’t do money orders –

  • Exxon
  • Mobil
  • Chevron
  • Sheetz
  • Shell
  • BP

These are some of the gas stations that don’t sell or cash money orders. However, it’s best to ask the cashier if they have money orders when you visit any one of these.

Which gas stations take debit cards or credit cards for money orders?

You can pay for money orders with your debit card or credit card at very few places. Most gas stations and convenience stores accept only cash for money orders.

But, as per my research, some 7-Eleven stores accept credit cards as a form of payment method. If you are looking to buy with a debit card, you can visit a nearby Albertsons store.

Other places that take debit cards and credit cards for money orders include Walmart, USPS, Chase, Meijer, Food Lion, Turkey Hill, Schnucks, and Western Union.

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