Does Walmart Price Match Amazon? (Policy, Prices, & Online Shopping)

Walmart is highly-known for its low prices but, what about its price match policy? Does it price match Amazon in 2021? Let’s take a look at all such important questions below!

If you don’t already know, according to Walmart’s price match policy, Walmart doesn’t price match its in-store prices with any other retailer’s prices including Amazon.

Does Walmart Price Match Amazon in 2021?

Yes, Walmart does price match the products sold at Amazon. However, for this, you need to compare the prices of products available on with So, it’s basically online to online price match and you should not compare Walmart’s in-store prices with Amazon’s prices. However, for price matching, Walmart has some set of limitations like quality, size, identical elements, and color.

So, your price match request will be considered by Walmart Care only when you find a product on that’s identical in size, quality, quantity, and color to the one sold on

How do I price match Walmart against Amazon?

  1. Visit the Walmart website and search for the item you’re interested in.
  2. Compare prices on Amazon to check whether Walmart price is low or costlier.
  3. Contact customer service by online chat to ask for a price match guarantee.
  4. Tell them about the lower price you found on Amazon and provide a link so they can easily check it out.
  5. Wait for the approval and proceed to check out.
  6. If you’re overcharged, contact them again and request a refund.

So, at first, you will have to place a price match request and wait for a Walmart customer agent to review and accept your request.

In order to contact Walmart customer care, go to >> Scroll down to the bottom >> Click on the Help option >> Scroll down & click on the Contact Us button >> A chat window will appear >> Type and Enter Price Match >> Provide your email address >> Talk with a live person >> Follow the above-mentioned steps to price match Walmart to Amazon.

How many items can Walmart price match Amazon?

You are limited to price match one product per day either it may be Walmart to Amazon or comparing Walmart with any other online retailer.

This per-day price match limit is part of Walmart’s price match policy 2021. However, you can keep comparing prices and try to find an item that is being sold at a lower price.

NOTE: One item per customer per day limit is not applicable to New Mexico customers

If you have more than one Walmart account in your household, you can make use of this opportunity to price match Walmart against Amazon and get the product at a low cost.

Make sure that the item you want to price match falls under the eligibility criteria of Walmart’s policies and guidelines or else, your request gets rejected.

Does Walmart price match items that are not in stock?

No. Walmart doesn’t price match items that are not in stock.

Let’s say that you found an item that costs you less at when compared with Then, you might think of Walmart’s price match guarantee right away.

But, before contacting Walmart care right away for placing a price match request, you need to first check if the item you are trying to price match is actually in stock or not.

This is because it is clearly mentioned in Walmart’s price match policy that the retailer won’t consider price match requests placed against an out-of-stock item.

So, first, make sure that the product is available online on and only then start looking for a similar item on in order to price match.

Does Walmart do price match for online shopping?

Yes, Walmart does price match for online shopping at –


These are the online brands that you can price match with Walmart. Remember that Walmart doesn’t price match in-store products with online shopping. You can just compare prices with one of these retailers’ prices online and place a request.

If you are shopping online at a store that Walmart doesn’t price match with, it’s a pure waste of time comparing the prices & trying to place a price match request with Walmart’s customer service.

However, it’s the decision of the customer care agent that matters. If the product is identical & satisfies all the price match guidelines put forth by Walmart, the executive will definitely consider your request.

Does Walmart price match all its products with Amazon?

Yes, Walmart price match all its products with identical products sold on Amazon. Because there’s no mention of any particular category for price matching in its policy.

However, items need to be identical in size, quality, and color. These are the three main eligibility requirements for Walmart price matching.

Other things you need to consider before price matching are –

  • Only In-stock items are eligible
  • You should not be living in Alaska & Hawaii
  • Items should not be refurbished or used
  • Items should not be part of a clearance sale

These are some limitations put forth by Walmart in its price match policy. Your price match request should satisfy these things in order to qualify.

Does Walmart Price Match During Black Friday?

No, Walmart doesn’t price match its products against products sold during Black Friday or part of the Black Friday discounted offers.

You can price match any Amazon product at any time during holidays & festivities but it should not be sold at a discount or lightning deal or any other % offer for that matter.

Not only Amazon, but this restriction also applies to all the online retailers that Walmart price match with. Even pre-Black Friday and Cyber Week sale products are not eligible for Walmart price matching.

Does Walmart price match during holidays?

Holiday price matching is something that Walmart may announce sometimes. At this time, you will be able to price match in-store products.

For this, you need to bring a paper ad cutting of a store that is selling the item you wish to buy at a low price compared to Walmart’s in-store price.

Again, this doesn’t apply to online shopping as you can always price match Walmart with Amazon or any retailer in the list above at any time during weekdays, weekends, holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Black Friday, and even Cyber Monday.

Why is Walmart not price matching in-stores anymore?

The reason why Walmart is not price matching in-store is due to the delay the process causes at the time of checkout. The company also cited that price matching is not so popular among users.

And so, Walmart discontinued In-store price matching for its customers!!

Walmart stopped price matching In-store prices on May 14, 2019, the day on which it changed its price match policy. The last time it changed its policy was on September 13, 2019.

As the policy came into effect in May 2019, Walmart customers couldn’t avail of the in-store price match facility from then on.

However, the retailer comes up with holiday price matching sometimes during which you can price match Walmart in-store products against other popular retailers.

Does Walmart Canada Price Match with Amazon?

Walmart Canada doesn’t price match with Amazon or any other online & offline retailer in the country. This came into effect on October 15th, 2020.

However, if you bought an item at a Walmart store at a certain price in the last 30 days and now found that it is being sold at a lower price, you can ask for the difference amount as a refund.

So, it’s basically price matching Walmart with Walmart! This is currently available in Canada. For more information about Walmart Canada’s price matching policy and pricing-related questions, check this out.

Does Walmart do price match from online to in-store?

No, Walmart doesn’t price match from online to in-store. Its price matching applies to only online shopping & only with a few online retailers.

In case if you find an item at a Walmart store and think that it is priced heavily, first, browse for the same product online on to see if there’s any difference in price.

If it’s the same high price, look for an identical item on or other retailers’ stores >> contact the customer care of Walmart >> place your price match request.

So, basically, Walmart price matching is just for online shopping!

Does Amazon Price Match with Walmart?

No, Amazon doesn’t do price matching with Walmart. In fact, Amazon doesn’t price match any store in the market it may be online or offline.

Amazon doesn’t offer price matching as the company thinks it is already having a low-price structure with which its customers are getting benefited.

And moreover, Amazon doesn’t have a price matching policy in the first place.

Why does Walmart offer price matching with Amazon?

Online price matching is a great way for retailers like Walmart to attract new customers.

If you are able to purchase an item online at the same price, or cheaper than what is sold in-store, it makes sense to go ahead and make your purchase online.

Retailers also like this as it encourages more people to shop online and it allows them to cut down on the cost of goods sold by selling online.

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world, but its online presence doesn’t quite match that. They are still lagging behind other online retailers like Amazon.

However, they are trying to catch up by allowing people to price match items if you buy them from Walmart instead of Amazon.

The obvious advantage here is that you get to buy the product at Walmart’s cheaper pricing, while still saving money if you would have purchased it on Amazon.

This is the simple reason why Walmart price match Amazon.

Conlusion: Does Walmart Price Match Amazon?

Walmart will match the prices of, but only if you buy the product online and your item is eligible for price matching. In order to place a price match request, you need to contact Walmart’s customer service via online chat or phone and speak with a representative, who will decide if your item is eligible for price matching.

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