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Does Home Depot match price plus 10%?

Home Depot will match the price of any other retailer’s product as long as it is identical, in stock, and brand new. So if you find an identical product with a lower price at another store or online ad, Home Depot will not only match that price but also beat it by 10%.

Home Depot Price Match Policy

Home Depot will price match products from any other store that is selling the product at a lower price or be similar to it in terms of brands, sizes, colors, etc. But, the retailer has to stock that item and you need to provide proof that an identical item is sold cheaper elsewhere. Also, Home Depot offers 30-day price match purchase protection for in-store purchases, and it will price-match any online retailer.

How to get a price match at Home Depot?

You can get an instant price match at a Home Depot store if you show proof that the product is cheaper elsewhere.

  • You’ll need to go to the customer service desk in your local Home Depot store
  • Produce the proof
  • The person on duty will verify that if it’s a valid deal
  • Cash or a refund will be provided instantly.

Does Home Depot match price plus 10%?

Home Depot used to offer a 10 percent extra discount on certain items if a customer could provide proof that the item was cheaper somewhere else. However, in 2020, they changed their policy and removed this 10% extra discount from their price matching policy.

Does Home Depot Price Match Amazon?

Home Depot will match the prices of some products sold by but not all. To qualify for a price match, the item you want to price-match must be sold and shipped directly by

In addition, it has to be identical in every aspect including shipping costs and availability at the time of purchase.

Does Home Depot Price Match with Costco?

Home Depot will not match the price of Costco because it is a membership-only wholesale club that offers heavy discounts to its members.

The reason behind this policy is, if Home Depot matched Costco’s prices then it would have to sell certain items at lower than cost price and lose money on those items.

Does Home Depot Price Match eBay?

No, Home Depot will not price match eBay prices, but you can still get some discount from the retailer. To get the discount, go to your local Home Depot store and ask for a manager. Then tell him/her about this better deal on eBay and see if he can help you out by offering an additional discount.

Does Home Depot Price Match with Walmart?

Yes. Home Depot will match Walmart’s prices with proof of its ad for both in-store and online purchases. As an exception to this, Home Deport does not offer price matching when on-sale or discounted items are involved.

Does Home Depot Price Match Target?

Home Depot matches the price of any identical item available in Target. If you find a cheaper product at Target, just show it to Home Depot’s staff and they will match the price. This includes all items like power tools, bathroom supplies, etc., as long as they are identical and stocked at both stores.

Does Home Depot Price Match Target?

Home Depot will match Lowe’s prices on identical merchandise. This is a strategy that both companies use to compete with each other and increase their market share in the home improvement retail industry.

Home Depot will price-match any item selling at a cheaper rate at Lowe’s stores or website but they will not price-match special offers like Lowe’s senior discount coupons.

Does Home Depot Price Match Appliances?

Home Depot does not match prices on home appliances because most of them are sold at membership-based warehouse clubs. Usually, they are discounted and hence Home Depot doesn’t need to price match the deals offered by these stores.

Does Home Depot Price Match Other Home Depots?

Home Depot stores will match the prices for online purchases of and in-store purchases made at other Home Depot stores, but it’s up to individual store managers whether or not they want to do price matching at their own stores.

Does Home Depot Price Match Online Prices?

Home Depot will match the online price of any product if you find it at a lower price on any other retailer’s website. You can contact their customer support through live chat and supply them with the link to the competitor’s webpage as well as other details that an employee may need to verify your claim.

But, it’s best to check the price of the product on Home Depot’s online portal before making a claim!

Does Home Depot Price Match Black Friday Sale Prices?

Home Depot will price-match any Black Friday deal from its competitors. This is because the company’s policy is to maintain its lowest price guarantee, with or without a competitor having an actual sale.

Home Depot also matches the prices of online deals if you buy it through their website and pick up your purchase at one of their stores.

Conclusion: Home Depot Price Match Policy

Home Depot has a price match policy which states that if you find any item for sale at a competing store (In-store & Online), they will match the price. The catch is that the product must be in stock on both ends, and it must be an identical item. To get this discount, you need to bring along evidence of the lower price to the store. In 2020, Home Depot’s 10% price beat guarantee policy was discontinued.

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