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Does Chime Work With Zelle? (Things To Know)

Sending money from Chime to Zelle is easy but it involves an indirect process as Chime bank doesn’t offer Zelle directly to its members.

The first thing required is we need to link Chime with Zelle using the Visa debit card. Only then, we will be able to transfer money from Chime to Zelle!

Does Chime work with Zelle in 2021?

Chime is not compatible with Zelle as of 2021. However, we can make them work by making use of the Chime card. All you have to do is simply add your Chime card to your Zelle account in order to connect them both. After adding the card, you will be able to use Zelle with Chime to make money transfers.

Keep on reading to find out answers to most of your questions like – “How do I transfer money from Chime to Zelle?”, “How to set up Chime to work with Zelle?”, “How do I send money from Zelle to Chime?”, etc.

How to link Chime to Zelle?

To connect Chime with Zelle-

  1. Download & Install the Zelle app
  2. Sign up for a new account
  3. Sign In if you already have one
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts
  5. You’ll be asked to set up your bank
  6. Search for Chime Bank
  7. Tap on the “Don’t see your bank?” button
  8. Get your Chime card
  9. You’ll be asked to enter your card details
  10. Enter the card number, CVV, and Expiry date
  11. Verify your identity (if prompted)
  12. Complete the set up process!

That’s it! You have now linked your Chime card with Zelle. So, simply adding your Chime card will give you the ability to make Zelle payments using your Chime Spending Account.

Please note that you don't find Chime bank in the search results on the Zelle app as they both are not compatible with each other.

How to transfer money from Chime to Zelle?

To send money from Chime to Zelle-

  1. Launch the Zelle app
  2. Tap on the Send button
  3. Choose a recepient
  4. Enter an amount to transfer
  5. Review the money you want to send
  6. Confirm the payment
  7. Money will be transferred

This is how easy it is to use Zelle with Chime. Here, you are making a Zelle payment by deducting the amount from your Chime card.

So, if you pay someone with Zelle the next time, the money gets deducted from your Chime account as you’ve linked the Chime debit card to Zelle.

Can I send money from Zelle to Chime?

Transferring money from Zelle to Chime is possible only when you try to send money from your Zelle account to someone else with a Chime account & not yourself.

Sending money through Zelle is the same as I mentioned already above. But, if the other person is not already a Zelle member, he/she will receive a notification that explains all the steps to follow to set up a new Zelle account with his/her bank account and get access to the funds you sent.

So, basically, you can send money using Zelle with Chime to someone else who doesn’t have a Zelle account!

Does Chime charge any fees to use Zelle?

Both Chime and Zelle don’t have any fees associated with making money transfers, payments, and receiving money from other people.

Zelle is free to use and Chime is also a bank that offers great services to its members free of cost!

Can I cancel a Chime to Zelle transfer?

No, you cannot cancel a Chime to Zelle transfer. When you make a Zelle payment with your Chime card, the money will be sent to the other person instantly.

And so, it’s not possible to cancel a Chime to Zelle transfer. However, you can go to the activity section on your Chime app to find out if your recent transaction is pending.

In case of a pending transaction, you may be able to reverse the funds or cancel the transfer process right away without any issues.

But, once the transfer is made and successful, you’ll not be able to cancel it. All you can do is request the other person whom you sent money to – to send back.

How much can I transfer from Chime to Zelle?

Remember that Zelle is just a digital payments app and so, when you use your Chime account with it, you will be limited by your bank on a per-day basis.

Chime allows you to transfer a maximum of $2,500 per day. This is the maximum you can send to someone using the Zelle app in a day.

You can always check your transfer limit on Chime’s mobile banking app whenever you want!

What to do If your Chime card is not supported on Zelle app?

You don’t find Chime in the list of banks that the Zelle app shows to while setting up your account. This is because they both don’t work together.

In case if your Chime card is rejected while adding it to your Zelle account, then there might be another reason for that.

Usually, a Chime card gets declined by Zelle when you enter the wrong 16-digit card number, CVV, and expiry date. Also, make sure that your debit card hasn’t expired.

Another reason could be – your card might have got blocked by you mistakenly. Check if it is enabled or not on the Chime app. Sometimes, the card will be blocked by the bank itself for some security reasons.

If this is not the case with you, simply contact Chime at 1-844-244-6363 to know more about the status of your Chime card.

Conclusion: Using Chime and Zelle

Chime doesn’t work with Zelle directly but linking your Chime card to the Zelle app will make it easy for you to use them both seamlessly. You can set up Chime to work with Zelle using your debit card to be able to transfer money, receive money from other bank accounts, and even request money from other Zelle users.

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