Costco Orientation (Process, Length, Pay, Dress Code, & Drug Test)

You have got the job at Costco, congratulations! As you are new to this company, it is essential that you know about its orientation process.

The first step for this purpose would be to find out all there is to know about Costco’s orientation program. This article explains everything related to Costco’s orientation process including its length, if it’s paid or not, dress code requirement, drug test, and a lot more!

Costco Orientation in 2021

As of 2021, Costco will require all new hires to go through an orientation as a part of their entry-level training. When you join as a Costco employee, you’ll be paid for this orientation program that is held online and consists mostly of videos. During the orientation program, you’ll learn about company values and the store layout. You’ll also learn about the position you’ve been hired for and other details of your job.

Want to know how long this whole orientation process takes? Continue reading the information below to get answers to frequently asked questions about Costco’s orientation program.

What is Costco Orientation?

An orientation program for employees is designed to introduce new hires to their jobs, facilities, and co-workers. The goal is to make them feel like they belong in the organization.

Being one of the largest retailers in the world, Costco has also developed a world-class orientation program for its new hires same as other retailers do.

Here, the main aim of Costco is to make its new employees get to know the company’s culture very well. and moreover, the orientation process gives an idea to new hires how to work efficiently and help Costco succeed.

Costco organizes its orientation with introductory sessions in which new hires are introduced to the company. After this is done, trainees learn about important policies and procedures including safety issues, inventory control systems, warranties on products sold by Costco, and customer service skills that employees need.

What can I expect from Costco’s Orientation?

From Costco’s orientation, you can expect to learn about Costco’s culture & values, your duty as a retail associate, Costco’s store layout, shoplifting policy, and your wage.

  1. Costco’s Culture & Values: Costco’s culture focuses on the company’s mission statement, “to continuously provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.” As such, Costco will make sure that you understand what it stands for and how to apply its values in your daily tasks.
  2. Obeying the law: In its mission statement, the company asked its employees to obey the law which means 1. each employee must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws including those relating to the sale of controlled substances; 2. no employee shall sell or attempt to buy any controlled substance while on Costco’s property; and 3. any employee who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action.
  3. Taking care of members: Members are the reason why Costco exists. As a result, Costco will teach its employees to take care of members by providing accurate information about products and services. Moreover, employees should also provide efficient service in all aspects; this entails helping customers find what they need while shopping at the store.
  4. Respecting the Suppliers: Costco will also teach its employees to respect their suppliers. This means that sales representatives must know the products they sell so as not to mislead customers.
  5. Respect each other: In addition, Costco wants its staff to have excellent communication skills and treat each other with respect. In fact, the company believes that a respectful environment will result in efficient operations and happy employees.
  6. Store layout: During your orientation, you will also learn about the store layout. This includes how to find items within Costco’s warehouse.

These are the things you can expect at your orientation at Costco. Another important thing to expect is your payment structure.

How long after the interview do you get a call from Costco for orientation?

Costco’s hiring process is quite simple & fast. So, as soon as you’re finished with the interview, you’ll be contacted by Costco within 2 weeks.

After the interview, for its next step in the hiring process, Costco may send you an email/letter asking you to sign up for an orientation date or provide you with a date.

What do you need for Costco Orientation?

Costco’s orientation can vary depending on the store location. However, most of them generally require you to bring –

  1. Valid ID (Driver’s License or Passport): Costco will need this document to update its records and give you access to all employee benefits, discounts, etc.
  2. Social Security Card: Costco will ask you to bring your Social Security Card so the company can properly update its records.
  3. Pen & notepad: You will need this to write down important information about your employment.
  4. Costco’s application: You can find a copy of the application in Costco’s official website or you can ask for it at the store where you applied for a job.

How should I dress for Costco Orientation?

Costco’s dress code is as follows:

  • Normal attire: You can wear your best clothes so you will look professional during the orientation. But keep in mind that Costco doesn’t allow employees to wear revealing clothing, such as tank tops and shorts. Also, remember that it’s a retail store, so you should avoid wearing any type of high heels.
  • Cosmetics: During orientation, Costco doesn’t require you to wear make-up or even bring a purse; but it’s still important for women to look neat and professional with the right cosmetics and accessories (hair ties, etc.). For men, it’s recommended to wear minimal facial hair, so there are no issues with the company’s dress code.
  • Ideal dress for Men: Men should wear a dress shirt and pants. Suits are optional, but it’s best to avoid wearing jeans or shorts because they don’t look professional at all.
  • Ideal dress for Women: Women should wear a nice dress shirt and pants. It’s also recommended to avoid wearing jeans or shorts as they don’t look professional at all.

How long does Costco Orientation Last?

The length of Costco’s orientation is about 5 hours during which you will watch online videos that explain the company’s values, employee duties, building the ability to work in an efficient way.

You will also be taught about the policies of Costco so that you get a basic idea of Costco’s business model, marketing strategy, and culture.

And the most important part of Costco’s orientation is paperwork. You will have to fill in all your details like your tax information, address, previous employment info, etc.

So, this whole process takes around five hours to complete!

Does Costco Drug Test During the Orientation Process?

Yes, Costco will perform a drug test during the orientation process by placing a swab tip in your mouth in order to collect the saliva.

This swab test will be handled by drug testing labs that Costco has partnered with.

You need to pass this drug test with no signs of drugs like marijuana, phencyclidine, opiates, etc. Even if there’s a sign of alcohol intake, you will get rejected for the job.

So, it’s better to avoid drugs & alcohol if you are going to attend a Costco interview or orientation!!

Is Costco Orientation Paid?

Yes, you will get paid for attending Costco’s Orientation. The retailer pays you the hourly wage that the company has committed for your job role.

For example, if you’ve got recruited as a cashier at a Costco warehouse, you will most probably get a pay of $15 per hour.

As the orientation lasts for about 5 hours, you will be paid 5 x $15 = $75 for that time period. This is an example and so, the payment will be different.

Conclusion: Costco Orientation

What happens at Costco Orientation is a simple overview of your responsibilities that will be shown in the form of videos and you will be given a basic idea of the company’s policies, culture, values, and goals. The orientation process is generally 5-hour in length during which you also need to complete the paperwork.

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