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Can you deposit checks with Chime? (Mobile Deposit & Third-party Checks)

Depositing a check with Chime is very easy. All you need to have is Chime’s mobile banking app which lets you deposit checks on the go.

Chime mobile check deposit is a feature that every Chime member is eligible to use. However, the bank has the right to limit its features to you.

Does Chime deposit checks in 2021?

Chime allows you to deposit a check using its official app. The only requirement for you to deposit a check with Chime is that the check has to be endorsed to you. That is the person who gave you the check has to clearly mention that you are the one who should be paid. And moreover, the name on the check has to match the name on your Chime spending account to avoid rejection.

Keep on reading to find out answers to most of your questions like – “Where can you deposit a check on Chime?”, “How long does Chime take to deposit a check?”, “What is Chime’s mobile check deposit limit?”, etc.

How can you deposit a check with Chime?

To perform a Chime mobile check deposit-

  1. First, check if the name on the check matches your Chime account
  2. Sign the back of the check
  3. Write For deposit at Chime only under your signature
  4. Now, launch the Chime app on your phone
  5. Have a look at the bottom of the screen
  6. Then, tap on the Move Money option
  7. Choose the Mobile Check Deposit option
  8. Select the type of check you are depositing
  9. The app will ask you to take pictures of the check
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions
  11. Capture the front & back images without any blur
  12. Review the amount written on the check
  13. Submit the check for clearance

That’s it! This is how easy it is to deposit checks with Chime. You don’t have to visit any bank branch in order to deposit your personal checks or any government-issued checks.

Can you deposit stimulus checks into Chime?

Yes, you can deposit a stimulus check into your Chime account using the mobile app. The process for depositing an IRS or stimulus check with Chime is the same as cashing a personal check.

While regular checks can be cashed by following the above steps, a stimulus check can be deposited by choosing the U.S Treasury option.

To deposit a stimulus or IRS check with Chime-

  1. Go to Move Money section of the app
  2. Select the Mobile Check Deposit option
  3. Now, choose the U.S Treasury option
  4. Make sure to sign the back of your stimulus check
  5. Write For deposit at Chime only under the sign
  6. Take the images when prompted
  7. Review & submit the check for processing
  8. Chime will deposit the amount into your account
Note 1: If you are cashing a joint stimulus check, your name should be clearly mentioned on the check so that Chime can approve it.

So, this is how a stimulus check can be cashed using the Chime mobile banking app. Remember that not all Chime members are eligible to deposit stimulus checks

Note 2: In the case of joint stimulus checks, the back of the check should have the signatures of the two persons to whom the check was endorsed by the government.

To be eligible to deposit a stimulus or IRS check into your Chime account, you should be an active member of Chime using its visa debit card & have some history of transactions.

So, if you are a new Chime member, there’s a high chance that you don’t find the U.S Treasury option under the mobile check deposit feature. In fact, some newbies even don’t get the mobile check deposit feature itself!

Chime Mobile Check Deposit Limits

The maximum you can deposit with a check into your Chime account is $2,000 per day. However, Chime allows you to deposit up to $10,000 per month.

However, Chime may allow you to deposit checks of even higher amounts if the bank thinks that you are eligible. For this, your Chime account needs to be in good standing with a great history of usage.

Chime members who’ve recently opened their accounts, may not be able to deposit checks of dollar amounts higher than $2,000 or they don’t actually get the ability to use the mobile check deposit option in the first place.

How many times can you deposit checks into Chime?

In a 24-hour period, you can deposit 3 checks into your Chime spending account. But, remember that there is a maximum deposit limit of $1,000 per day.

You can either view your deposit limits on the Chime app or simply make a call to the customer service at 1-844-244-6363 to talk with a Chime representative about cashing checks & limits.

Chime Mobile Check Deposit Funds Availability

Funds availability of the checks deposited through your mobile phone will be subject to the type of check deposited and the dollar limits on your account.

The funds of the U.S. Treasury checks (Stimulus checks issued by the government) deposited will be processed and credited to your spending account on the next business day. Note that only the first $5,525 of the check will be cleared for next-day availability.

The funds of the personal checks will be made available on the next day but has a limit of $225 for next-day availability. The amount exceeding that limit will be deposited in the next two days.

Chime bank will put a hold on the exceeding amount and may ask you for any further information regarding the check deposited.

Any delay in funds availability will be notified to you by email or SMS!

How long does Chime take to clear a check?

After completing the mobile check deposit process, Chime reviews the submitted check for any errors & approves it for clearance within 3 business days.

So, you must wait for up to 3 days for Chime to post the money in your checking account. However, most checks will be cleared by Chime on the next business day itself.

The best day to submit a check to Chime is a business day. That is you need to make sure that you are depositing a check on a business day (not a holiday, Saturday & Sunday) and the next day is also a business day.

For example, if you make a mobile check deposit on a Monday, Chime will clear it and post the amount to your deposit account on Tuesday. If Tuesday is a government holiday, the check gets cleared on Wednesday. This is how Chime mobile check deposit works!

Sometimes, the clearance time also depends on how big your check is. That is if it’s a large dollar check, Chime will take more time to deposit it!

What is the best time to deposit a check on Chime?

The best time to perform a mobile check deposit on the Chime app is during business hours i.e between 10 AM ET and 5 PM ET. This is how we can make Chime clear our checks fast.

Chime Mobile Check Deposit Cut-off Time

The cut-off time for Chime mobile check deposit is 5 PM ET on any business day. Any check submitted after 5 PM will be considered for processing on the next business day.

Does Chime accept third-party checks?

No, you cannot deposit a third-party check into your Chime account. This is because most banks including Chime doesn’t allow people to cash third-party checks.

The main reason behind this is the fact that most third-party checks are fraudulent checks or there is a high chance of fraud with third-party checks and so, banks like Chime prohibit these types of checks.

However, you can still try to deposit a third-party check using your Chime app but only to face a right away rejection. In some cases, Chime bank may flag your account for fraudulent activity.

As soon as Chime reviews your third-party check for clearance, you will receive an email notification from the bank saying that the check was rejected.

So, it’s best to try 3rd-party check cashing service providers like ACE Cash Express, Check ‘N Go, The Check Cashing Store, Advance Financial, Speedy Cash, etc.

Some popular banks that cash third-party checks include TD Bank, BB&T, U.S. Bank, M&T Bank, Chase Bank, HSBC, Bank of America, and Citibank. However, most of these banks require the person cashing the check to be their banking customer or member.

Chime Mobile Check Deposit FAQs

Why Am I Not Eligible For Chime Mobile Check Deposit?

You will not find the mobile check deposit on the Chime app until your Chime spending account receives at least one direct deposit of $1 or more. You will be eligible for Chime mobile check deposit feature once you start receiving direct deposits from your payroll provider or employer or IRS or from other persons.

Is Chime mobile check deposit instant?

No, Chime mobile check deposit is just a feature that lets you submit your personal check to Chime without the hassle of visiting a bank branch (Chime doesn’t have any bank branches). After submission, Chime will take up to 3 business days to clear your check and post the money in your deposit account. So, it’s not instant!

What checks does Chime cash?

The types of checks that Chime lets you deposit include personal checks, business checks, state government checks, local government checks, IRS checks, stimulus checks, federal home loan bank checks, federal reserve bank checks, and certified checks.

What checks will be rejected by Chime?

Chime doesn’t accept several types of checks including third-party checks, illegal checks, fraudulent checks, six-month-old checks, post-dated checks, remotely created checks, checks without your original signature, joint stimulus checks without signatures of both payees, counter checks, promissory notes, savings bonds, travel checks, money orders, substitute checks, checks issued by non-U.S financial institutions or institutions located outside of the United States, checks that are already deposited, starter checks, and cashier’s checks.

Why is my check late on Chime?

Chime delays the availability of the funds deposited by a check if your spending account has a negative balance at any time in the past 6 months. However, a hold will also be placed based on several other factors like the dollar amount of the check, type of check, etc. If you think your check is late on Chime due to some other reason, contact Chime’s customer support team at 1-844-244-6363 or send an email explaining your issue to

How big of a check can you deposit with chime?

For government checks like stimulus or IRS checks, Chime has a maximum limit of $5,525. The amount above this limit will be deposited into your account in the next 9 business days. For personal & business checks, the deposit limit is $225. The amount exceeding this limit will be deposited in the next 2 business days. Sometimes, Chime may take up to 9 business days to clear your check.

Why won’t Chime accept a check?

Chime doesn’t allow you to deposit checks which it considers prohibited. You can check the types of checks Chime bank accepts and does not accept in this article or go through Chime’s deposit account agreement. Even if it accepts such checks, it won’t deposit them and you’ll receive a notification regarding the same.

Why is Chime mobile check deposit feature not working?

Due to technical issues, Chime mobile check deposit option may not work on the app sometimes. However, it is very rare and you should always make sure that your smartphone is connected to the internet via mobile data or wifi. If the option doesn’t appear to you under the move money section of the app, it means that Chime hasn’t enabled it for you as the bank thinks that you are not yet eligible for mobile check deposits.

If the feature is available to you but it’s not working, make sure that you are taking the photos of the check in a well-lit area with enough light for the phone’s camera to capture images without blur.

Conclusion: Chime Check Deposits

Eligible Chime members can make use of the mobile check deposit feature on the official app to photograph their personal, business, payroll, and government-issued checks to deposit them into their spending accounts online. All checks will be deposited within 1 to 3 business days regardless of the amount but, sometimes, the bank will place a hold up to 9 business days. There is a limit (one-day availability) of $5,525 for government checks and $225 for personal, employer-issued, and all other types of checks. Amount greater than next-day availability funds will be credited within 3 business days.

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